When is the Expo?

Saturday, December 16, 2017
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Socializing/Dinner/ Raffle drawings
6:00pm -8:00pm
Presale ticket for $12.50
Menu: Pulled Pork, BBQ Beans, and Mac and Cheese

Who can attend? Can we bring our Family and Friends?

Range Members or Range Member invited guest onlys. Members are allowed to bring up to 2 Guests. The cost for each guest will be $10.00. Regular range rules apply.

The member is responsible for any guests he/she bringson property.
  • Guests must remain with their host.
  • Guests must follow all range rules.
  • Guest will be required to sign a hold harmless form at the gate and wear a wrist band.
  • Guest must wear a wrist band indicting they are guest and are ok to shoot

 Please keep in mind we do not have any children activities (bounce house, etc.) planned. Most of the activities are geared towards adult/ teenagers. If you do bring children, please make sure to follow normal range rules. Children MUST be supervised at all times.  

Can I bring Pets?

Service dogs are always welcome. Normal range rules apply. Please remember all ranges will be hot.

Who are the Special Guests Speakers?

Sheriff Wayne Ivey “Self Defense through Mental Preparedness”, Alan Diamond will be back to talk about CCW, Health First Training Center “Family & Friends CPR and AED” and “Stop the Bleed” and Mike from 411 Tactical “Scopes, Light Transmission, & Shooting Glasses”
More coming soon.

Do I need to RSVP for the General Admission and Speakers?


Where can I find information of the day’s events?

 PMRPC Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/events/1852524638347648 ) or Twitter @PMRPCRSx2. We will be updating this as events and times are confirmed. We will have an official schedule of events in the November.

What activities are going on?

  • Range Discipline Demonstrations and Opportunities to “TRY IT OUT” 
  • Dueling Race Tree
    •  Who’s a better shot? Wife vs Husband, Dad vs Son, Mom vs daughter.   
      Who’s a better Shot? You get 15 rounds and one minute to knock back all the plates on your side. The winner who has the most plates knock back wins bragging rights and a Magpul PMag (first 80 people) (Old Practice pistol range)
  • ​Who's the fastest gun in Palm Bay? We will find out on the Gorilla Ammo shooting course with suppressed 300 BLK. Fastest time will win a Gorilla Ammo gear bag filled with apparel and ammo!   (Old Practice pistol range)
  • Can you hit the Hog? Try our 600 yard targeting system while trying to shoot an electronic hog. (200 yard range)
  • BCSO Tron Bike by Parker Brother Concepts
  • Palm Bay SWAT Team and the MRAT
  • Experience MantisX Training System- whether you are a new shooter or competition it will improve your shot. (Amos Range)
    •  MantisX is a revolutionary patent-pending firearm attachment that helps firearms enthusiasts and professionals train more efficiently. While attached to a pistol or rifle, it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve your shooting mechanics
  • Escape Zone Mobile ($10 per person for 20 min game time) (max of 6 people per group) (outside the shotgun area)
  • OneBlood Blood Drive  (Amos Range)
  • BCSO Animal Services with some of their adoptable animals (in the teardrop by the front gate)
  • PMRPC Swag Shop (Hats, Polos, T-shirts and more) (across from the pole barn)
  • Dinner and the Raffle drawings
  • Local Food Trucks and Vendors (LOTS, something for everyone)

What are the ‘Range Discipline Demonstrations' and Opportunities to 'TRY IT OUT''?

Have you ever wanted to tryout IDPA or Sub-Gun, How about Skeet, Trap, Black Powder, SASS or High Power? Here is your chance. All the ranges will be setup for demo and will have opportunities to try out the different discipline.  Our discipline leaders will be available to answer any of your questions and help you figure out how to get started. Shooting will start at 9:00 am, last group starts around 4:30 pm.

What do I need to bring to the Range on the day of the Expo?

Only Eyes and Ears, All Ammo and Firearms will be provided by the range or vendors.
Please don’t bring firearms to shoot.

Is there a charge for anything? Do I need to bring money?

The event is free to all members (each guest is $10, that will be collected at the gate). We have invited several local food truck and lots of vendors. We will also have PMRPC SWAG for sale, T-shirt, Polos, Hats and much more!
What is The Escape Zone?

It’s an interactive game & mental workout set in a real, physical location that challenges you to decode & decrypt your way out of a “locked” room. Escape Room Ent. is an adventure inside four walls…an escape from the ordinary world. It’s not about your survival but about testing your skills and meeting a mental challenge. You are in an unusual space. You must explore each clue, secret, find hidden secrets and crack codes to find your way out.

Cost for the Expo is $10 per person for 20 min game time with a max of 6 people per group.

“You and your teammates are part of an elite group known as The Time Riders. You have studied for years and are finally ready to make your first time jump. You are traveling back in time to see the final assembly of the famous Dr. Dimple’s first time machine when something goes very wrong. You are now stuck in the past with a crashed time machine and a DEAD Dr. Dimple. You must decode Dr. Dimple’s notes and finish assembling his time machine or you will be forever stuck in the past.”

I want to come out to the range and just shoot that day. Can I?

The range will be closed for personal, general shooting. The expo will have lots of chance to shot from “Discipline Demos” to “Vendor Booth” and more.  Just bring your eyes and ears, we've got you covered.

Where do I need to park?

We will have people to assist with parking. We are asking that once you are parked, you stay parked until leaving the range; we will have a fleet of golf carts to help get around the range.
**If you are handicap, please let them know at the gate, we will have designated parking at the pole barn.

Can we bring coolers?

Definitely!  We will also have water available at all the ranges.

Will there by food and drink available?

We have invited a variety of food trucks, Dusty Joe's Smokin' (BBQ),  Chachis Food Truck (Philly Cheese Steaks, Gyros, Burgers and fries, Quesadillas, Fajita wraps and Empanadas) DIYM catering LLC (hot dogs), Kona Ice ,Ufer Delite (Ice Cream) and the Boy scout Troop 232 will be setup around the range selling Drinks (water, soda etc.)

What is the Socializing/Dinner/ Raffle drawings between 6:00pm -8:00pm?

At the picnic area 6:00-8:00, join us for Dinner (tickets $12.50)
limit quanity dinners available the day.
 Please use the "buy now" link for pre-purchases thru Paypal. 

 Menu is Pulled Pork, BBQ Beans and Mac and Cheese.  We will also have Sweet Tea and Lemonade.

 If you would like Adult Beverages, You are welcome to bring them for the dinner. Please make sure to follow range rules “No alcoholic beverages will be consumed on any range. No one may handle or discharge any firearm on club property after consuming alcohol.”

We will also do the raffle drawing at this time.
 Volenteer who work more then 4 hours or more get a free dinner ticket. 

Was something said about Raffles?

Yes!  We have a TON of Amazing Raffle Prizes'. Thanks to all the Local Business, our great vendors and sponsors who donated. See the SWAG Shop at the Expo to tryat your luck.

Tickets are a donation of $1.00 each or 15 for $10.00.

We have an extra special raffle this year from Sightron, Rifle Scope (valued at $1200.00) Sightron Rifle Scope Raffle will be limit to 250 tickets at $10 each.

**Make sure to stop by the tent in front of the pole barn to buy yours before 5:00 pm. Drawing will start around 6:15 at the picnic area. You will not have to be present to win but make sure to fill out the tickets completely.**

I received a Ticket from RSO something about a Safety and Raffle? What is this?
The RSO will be passing out free raffle ticket in the month leading up the Expo as part of "PMRPC Safety Month". If you get a free ticket from them, first off, great job and second head over to the SWAG shop at the Expo for a chance towin an amazing prize..

What if there is a medical issue?

We will have several volunteer medical Staff on-site. The first aid station will be set up behind the SWAG shop. If there is an Emergency, each range area will have a walkie talkie that will link them directly to the medical volunteers.

How can I help out at all? What kind of help are you looking for?

Contact Connie at PMRPCEvents@gmail.com. We are in need of volunteers before, the day of and after the event. There is a wide scope of things we need help with anything from passing out flyers to helping run the gate for a couple of hours the day of the event. Any help will be greatly appreciated

Who can I contact with questions?

Connie Jo Torres